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Use the Right Image Format in Your Website Design

Use the Right Image Format in Your Website Design

Use the Right Image Format in Your Website Design

Many designers overlook the importance of using the right image format on websites. This leads to the slow loading of pictures and many visitors tend to click the back button if the website doesn’t load in time. For a remarkable web design in Honolulu, you must know the 3 main formats for pictures that are supported by web browsers:

  1. JPEG

The JPEG format allows up to 16 million colours and therefore, it is recommended when you have to portray exceptional colour quality. You must ideally use .JPG for all photographs. This format supports variable compression which means that you can reduce image size with some level of loss in the detailing. In order to use this feature to its optimum level, you must use a program that will allow you to preview the image after it has been compressed. Don’t opt for a JPEG format if you have an image with minimum colours of if you have used text as an image on the website as the final image will be of poor quality.

  1. GIF

The .GIF format supports 256 colours. This format also supports transparency in images so you can choose the background to be invisible. This will enable the colours of the web pages to show through the images. The images are not affected by compression in terms of quality.

  1. PNG

The .PNG format was developed as a replacement for GIF in order to get rid of the royalty fee. PNG is not suited for photographs. It offers transparency and loss less compression.

It is advised to hire a professional Honolulu web design company with all the necessary knowledge about image formats so that your website looks stunning and loads super-fast!

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